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A significant part of our population works in offices. Their main activity is sitting at a desk for long hours and typing away, sometimes with a phone tucked under their ear! Add daily stress to this 'active' work environment and you have a perfect mix of factors leading to health problems.



Classic Hatha Yoga (60 minutes)

The session by Mystique Moksha is specially designed to fit in with requirements of the corporate environment. We work more on correction and alignment of the body instead of a vigorous yoga session. We ensure balancing and focus related postures (Asana) which bring mental equilibrium and improve concentration. Asanas use the limbs of body as weights for the muscles, therefore weights and equipment are not required. The Yoga Asanas used in this session help bring steadiness, health and lightness in the limbs. With regular practice, one develops agility, balance, endurance and great vitality. Yoga practices have evolved over the centuries to exercise every muscle, nerve and gland in the body. They are not mere postures, but carefully designed exercises using only your body.

Desktop Yoga (30 minutes)

When there is shortage of space and changing into exercise gear seems a luxury, Desktop Yoga by Mystique Moksha is what you need. Desktop Yoga is a specially selected set of practices that can be performed in normal workwear. These practices help slow down anxiety, hypertension, panic, depression and also help generate a responsive mechanism in place of a reactive one. Breathing techniques improve creative thinking and rational approach to problems at workplace. Loosening of subtle joints releases toxins thereby energising the body and relax the mind.

Pranayama Session (30 minutes)

Prana means life force (noted particularly as the energy), and Yama can be translated as to restrain or control the prana, implying a set of breathing techniques where the breath is intentionally altered in order to produce specific results. Pranayama brings balance in sympathetic and parasympathetic system of our body and influence the flow of prana in the Nadis (energy channels) of the Pranamaya Kosha (energy body). These yoga practices influence the flow of prana in the nadis, purifying, regulating and activating them thereby inducing physical and mental stability. Relaxation resulting from the slowing down the breath is the key. The regular practice evokes latent capabilities and clarity of thought.




At Mystique Moksha we offer a range of thoughtfully designed packages to help our clients achieve their respective health goals. Feel free to ask us for package just right for you.


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