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As I am a trained yoga instructor having taught for over 25 years and practised yoga for over 45 years I am very selective of the yoga classes I attend. I now have the privilege of attending Nivriti’s classes. Nivriti is an authentic yoga instructor who is very sensitive to the needs of the students and adjusts her classes accordingly. Within her classes she incorporates chanting, pranayama, stretching, classical asanas, meditation and yoga nidra. One leaves her classes feeling refreshed as well as having a sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

Lydia Marx, International Yoga Teachers Association St Ives

Hi! "Now that I'm getting older, I was wondering what can I do apart from soccer to keep myself fit and flexible. Thanks to my wife's advice I have found in Yoga not only that, but also how to keep my mind quiet. Thanks to my teacher Nivriti.

Rafael Rojas, Travel agent Gordon

I've been doing yoga with Mrs Gargya for 9 months now, I really enjoyed her class. I was a level 0 when I started, I gained more flexibility and resistance of my body during the once a week practice. Mrs Gargya is a very kind and patient tutor, her experiences of Yoga finally helped me found the most suitable sport I can do. Practice authentic Yoga with a great teacher make me feel lucky to be in the class.

Rita Li, Home Maker, Lindfield

I take other yoga classes during the week but really look forward to my Friday sessions with Nivriti as she explains the philosophy and health benefits of the poses and movements. Nivi makes yoga fun and personalises her teaching by giving options for depth of poses depending on where people are at. She makes sure you don’t injure yourself from incorrect movement. You can see yoga practice is a part of her life which she has grown up with coming from India.

Really enjoy our classes

Cornelia , Gordon

Have been attending yoga classes at Mystique Moksha with Nivriti since January 2017. I have never continued any classes for so long😊I was amazed to see the increase in my stamina in daily activities. Each class includes stretching, pranayama and chanting. Nivriti takes time to understand individual’s requirements and guides accordingly. She allows me to develop at my own pace and at the same time motivates to reach that next level. Very grateful for having such qualified and considerate yoga teacher.

Sheetal Joshi , Designer & Owner @ The Hues of India Killara

Yoga in its original form, this is the way I perceive Nivriti‘s teaching style. Focus is not only on the movements but also on aspiration in harmony with the exercises. There is no competition, everyone can do what feels right whilst gently pushing personal limits a bit further with every session. To me the Friday evening sessions are a perfect way to conclude a busy work week and transit into the right mind set for the weekend. Thanks Nivriti.

Jutta Rieger , General Manager Gordon

Nivriti is a very committed yoga teacher and goes out of her way to motivate her pupils. She has been conducting yoga sessions for the aged as well as public for free on weekends, just to encourage a healthy life style in the society ...which is really commendable! She modulates her sessions very aptly according to the level of the learners. Her sense of humour adds a fun element to the sessions which is another motivation to not skip the class :)

Her studio is also very hygienic and tasteful done. Fresh towels and mats... Nice fragrance... And soothing decor is another feather in her cap!

All the best Nivriti! Keep up the good work:)

Tina, Founder Director - Intelligentsia (Bangalore 2014)

Nivriti introduced me to the beautiful World of yoga. She was extremely patient and persistent with me. Nivriti radiates positivity and joyful energy and did everything she could to be as available as possible to each and every student in her class. She consistently made us aware of the power of our breath – inhalation and exhalation, as one of the most important and basic principles of yoga. She was very encouraging and kept challenging us to hold the yoga poses, and at the same time made sure that the postures were correct. Her training made me understand yoga and apart from the physical benefits derived out of her training, she helped me connect to my inner self through meditation. I wish her good luck with her dedication to spread the joy of yoga everywhere.

Shweta Tyagi, Working Professional (Bangalore 2009)

I had never done any form of asana and I was not very keen in doing so. I was experiencing some knee pain, so I joined Mystique Moksha without any prior exposure to Yoga. To my surprise, I really started enjoying it from the very first day. Nivriti's clear instructions, whole-body focussed asana, constant monitoring of each attendee helps everyone in wonderful manner. My knee showed improvements. Her immense experience helps in getting the right treatment on case-by-case basis. I want to thank her for introducing me to Yoga practice.

Sonika Jindal, Student, USA

I joined Mystique Moksha- yoga classes run by Nivriti last July (2014) with no expectations at all. My only aim was that I want to keep myself fit and that I should at least continue this class for a year.

I have a medical situation and was keen to avoid surgery as much as possible. I started taking yoga sessions with Nivriti. Within 1.5 months, I realised my body is responding very positively and could see remarkable difference in my body flexibility. I could do asanas which i could never even attempt earlier. Week on week I was getting better at these.

Post 3-4 months, I did my routine medical check-up, my doctor said 'let us keep observing and you continue with yoga' instead of telling me the surgery date. I think this has been one of the best things to hear while I fight my medical condition. Till date I continue doing yoga with the same group of people which she started with yoga instructors at Mystique Moksha Bangalore. This is an institution of self-discipline for me and my husband.

Stay fit, Stay healthy... I love Yoga - Action in relaxation....

Prajakta Deshpande, IT Professional Bangalore

I have been attending yoga classes with Nivriti since the beginning of the year and can honestly say that she is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. Nivriti has taught me that yoga is about so much more than the poses: she explains the theory and takes the time to teach you the different breathing techniques. She is also extremely kind and such a lovely person.

Melanie Ann Law, Student, Johannesburg

Nivriti is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is deeply committed to the traditions and philosophy of yoga and instils an awareness of the principles and benefits of yoga in her students. Notwithstanding her great respect for yoga, Nivriti’s classes are very enjoyable, thanks to her professionalism, warmth and sense of humour. There is a great variety in the classes, and a strong focus on the importance of the breath and relaxation to balance our exertions. I highly recommend Niviriti’s classes to you.

Jane Williams, Systems Manager, Roseville

Most authentic yoga taught by a caring and lovely teacher Nivriti. Every class is a unique experience of strengthening and relaxation. I never want to miss my Friday evening session as I feel relaxed and rejuvenated mentally to enjoy weekend with my family. I highly recommend her yoga sessions to my patients.

Jyothi Reddy, GP, Macquarie Park




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