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Gordon | North Turramurra

Pricing & Membership

Class, class pass or workshop purchases are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-changeable.

Intro Pass 5 Classes


Drop In1 Class


5 Class Pass validity 8 weeks


10 Online Class Pass validity 12 weeks


10 Class Pass validity 12 weeks


20 Class Pass validity 16 weeks


Monthly Membership 3 per week

$42 per week

Monthly Membership Unlimitied classes

$59 per week

General Consultation

1 Session


Private Healing

1 on 1


Private Yoga Session

1 on 1


Family Yoga Session

1 session


Terms and Conditions

Multi Class Passes

Single entry allows the student to attend a single class. If a student pre-books a class and does not attend, the class will be deducted from their purchase unless they cancel their booking 3 hours or more before the class starts. Pre-booking is not recommended if work, lifestyle or family situations could hinder the student in attending the class with certainty. We do not refund or credit classes that are missed for these reasons.These passes (Intro Pass, Drop In, 5 Class, 10 Class & 20 Class Pass) cannot be frozen and once purchased will expire after the listed time. Medical conditions take exception if informed of before hiatus

Monthly Memberships

These memberships are set on auto renewal by default. Monthly members can suspend their memberships for up to 4-weeks duration each. A suspension notice needs to be given in writing via email and be sent 10 days prior to its commencement after having it for a 12-week period.Cancellation requires a two week notice through email


Workshops/Master Class

Workshops and Master Classes are often hosted by MM and have a one-time purchase that occurs when the booking for the workshop is made.For more information about a specific workshop, feel free to contact us at our email.


Mystique Moksha Liability

Students are expected to provide all relevant information regarding health and wellbeing before each of their classes, that will impact directly or indirectly with one’s ability to participate in classes, workshops and retreats that are hosted by Mystique Moksha. Student should discuss any present or future concerns with the Mystique Moksha staff as they arise. Student should have consulted or will consult with healthcare physician if there is anything to be concerned about and understand that the health and wellbeing are as much the students’ responsibility as it is the teachers. Students will not hold Mystique Moksha or any of their teachers responsible for what they choose to do with the information and advice given to them. They understand that classes may be physically strenuous and voluntarily participate in them with full knowledge there may be a risk of personal injury. Students agree that neither they, their heirs, their assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against Mystique Moksha or its members, for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise. Above all, students will endeavour to trust themselves, respect their body and do only what they believe is best for them.

Cancellation Policy

Students are responsible to manage class passes and memberships as well as timely payment as well as understanding the duration and expiry whilst a student at Mystique Moksha.

When booking a class online, it is the student’s responsibility to attend the class or forfeit the fee for any missed classes. Cancellation a pre-scheduled booking is up to 3 hours before commencement of that class and will not incur a fee. All cancellations received within and after the 3-hour cancellation period will not indemnify the student from paying for the pre-scheduled class and the fee will automatically be deducted from the existing pass or membership. Mystique Moksha reserves the right to consider exceptional circumstances on a case by case basis and in fair judgement, however, cannot guarantee a refund of fees if it is not satisfied the circumstances were, in fact, exceptional and as such preventing the student from their obligation to manage their membership and scheduling. days prior to its commencement.

Purchase Policy

The amount due in your shopping cart is inclusive of the following banking transaction fees which may apply. These costs automatically accrue to the student’s shopping cart balance. By proceeding with this purchase, you understand that ‘Paychoice’ will appear on your bank account statement as the payment reference. Please be aware that the receipt is subject to credit-card approval. Additional fees of $5.50 may be charged for declined transactions due to insufficient funds.

Return / Refund

We do not refund purchases of classes unless the student has sustained a disability after the date of purchase and provides a note from the appropriate medical practitioner attesting to this fact. Another reason for the refund is permanent relocation away from the area for which satisfactory written evidence needs to be supplied. In all other cases, Mystique Moksha will either give the student an opportunity to freeze their account until they are recovered or moved back into the area or allocate monies towards the next booked class.




At Mystique Moksha we offer a range of thoughtfully designed packages to help our clients achieve their respective health goals. Feel free to ask us for package just right for you.


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