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Many of our students arrive at our doorstep because they wish to be physically active yet also have some of the relaxing benefits of yoga. Most first time students are apprehensive about their first time experience. Some of the things that they worry about:

  • Being overweight
  • Not being flexible enough
  • Being too old
  • “I’m not strong enough”
  • “I might pass wind in class”
  • “The calmness may drive me crazy”
  • Yoga might be too much of a “hippie” thing
  • “They may say things in a language I don’t understand”
  • “It may be religious and in conflict with my religion”
  • “Other students may be much better than me”
  • “I may stick out like a sore thumb”
  • “Yoga people are different from me”
  • “I might be asked to do something I’m not comfortable with”

Not only have we heard all these and many more concerns but also have we been able to address these by creating safe, inclusive and supportive class environments. You learn on your own terms. Many come to yoga with a fair amount of physical and mental stress as well as ill health and pain which is where yoga is so very effective.

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Stress
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Insomnia
  • PeriMenopause or Menopause
  • Autoimmune illness
  • Respiratory issues
  • Chronic Pain / Muscle tensions
  • Poor immune health
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Poor body image
  • Poor self esteem
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Injury prone
  • Memory issues
  • Lack of social interaction
  • Lack of purpose
  • Lack of growth

Then these are some fantastic reasons why turning to yoga is an intelligent choice. There are many and growing numbers of empirical studies available on the many benefits of suitable yoga / meditation. Your story is unique and important and we take great care to hear your story and address it in a way that you wish to create your future story.

FAQ’s and Answers To Your Yoga Questions

What’s the best class for me as an absolute beginner?

The best classes to start with are our Yoga Foundation and Gentle Shanti - Peace Yoga and Hatha Yoga beginner. They are gentle and paced slow enough for our new students to absorb all the information that is being taught and practice new skills safely and with more enjoyment. Step up to a Hatha or Slow Flow class and you’re on your way to an enjoyable journey through different yoga styles and experiences.

What’s a good intro offer for a person that is new to the studio?

That’s a great question. Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons and with different requirements. If you are brand new to Yoga and would like a personalized introduction to all things yoga we recommend you take the intro offer for a 1-on-1 Private Yoga valued at $100. This will prepare you adequately for what to expect in a class, how to use the yoga equipment, how to adapt to your requirements as well as studio etiquette and how to book.

If you are unsure whether yoga or our studio is for you and wish to trial a few classes, getting the intro offer for 5 classes at $50 may be your best bet. This way you can select a few classes from our schedule and see if a class or teacher suits your needs and wants.

This option gives you a real good idea of how effective yoga is for health, mental health as well as transpiring less stress on to daily life.

What to wear to a yoga class?

As we don’t offer high intensity or heated yoga classes however encourage much stretching, we recommend that you go for comfort. We check in with our students regularly and adjust the room temperature to suit the class. Stretchy materials are very much on the agenda and you’ll find that cotton tops are much more temperature adjusting than artificial materials such as Polyester or Lycra. Men will find that stretchy shorts or long pants are much more manageable than boardshorts. Women have the added advantage of selecting from a vast range of nice looking yoga gear also. We often sell ethical yoga wear. Feel free to browse our range also.

Do I need to bring my own mat?

Being a boutique studio we offer all equipment including the use of mats. They are eco-friendly and sprayed with a natural concoction of tea tree and lavender water to disinfect them. Feel free to take your own mat for extra padding or you may like to purchase one of our mats so that you can also practice at home.

How is yoga different from other exercises?

We’re glad you’ve asked…Whilst Yoga has a lot in common with exercise, it differs greatly from it as it has components of philosophy, breathing techniques, movement and meditation which all make up the yogic practice. Particularly the focus on the breath when moving, mindfulness and the relaxation / meditation at the end of each class are integral parts of the yogic experience yet not found in ordinary exercise. It is for these reasons that people who visit yoga classes often marvel at the holistic benefits yoga has on them and their lives off the mat also.

What if I’m not flexible, overweight, recovering from illness or injury or older than 50?

What a fantastic reason to start yoga! Inflexibility and stiffness are often the cause of pain, illness and accident. The practice of yoga not only helps stretch tight muscles but also helps relax the nervous system so that we can mentally let go of tension.

Gentle shanti - Peace Yoga is also a medically recommended approach to help with recovery from accidents and illness as well as helping to manage stress and anxiety.

As we age, particularly after 50 our bone density and flexibility fades, leaving us more prone to injury and pain. Gentle Shanti - Peace Yoga is not only accessible to all ages but also helps to send all the right signals to the brain to keep strong and flexible

How big are the classes?

We are a small and intimate boutique yoga studio that generally caters to 6-12 students. This allows our teachers to observe our students and adapt the class according to the students’ needs. Our maximum capacity is 18-20.

What if I can’t do something that we learn in class?

That’s what being a student is all about, isn’t it? Our yoga classes are here for people to learn something new and sometimes allow something old appear differently. There is no expectation that our students know how to do all that is taught or even have the physical or mental capacity to master new practices in the first go. Please be kind and patient with yourself. Allow yourself to be a student and to keep an open mind to learning. Most of all, don’t push yourself to do something that is neither safe nor makes you feel bad. We highly discourage lack of care to ones’ own body and also do not take responsibility if injury occurs due to careless behaviour in class.

Is Yoga religious and will it interfere with my religion?

100% NOT!!! Yoga is a strategy to achieve a good life through the disciplines of yoga philosophy, breath awareness, physical movement as well as meditation. Whilst Yoga originates from the ancient Vedic culture in India and the sanskrit language is still used to describe the names of yoga poses and other aspects, yoga has no God to pray to and is not religious. Yoga will not interfere with your religion.

Will I have to participate in handstands and other difficult poses?

We want you to feel safe and at peace in our studio. There is no expectations of our students to perform neither a headstand or even sitting cross legged. Rather, we encourage each student to connect more deeply with their abilities and limitations through self-study and regular practice. Our students often find that after having practiced Yoga for several months that they are able to achieve things that they have never conceived before. A handstand may be one of the achievements but it certainly is never the goal. The goal is to honour ourselves with much self-care and create a space for ourselves to grow, physically, mentally and sometimes even spiritually. Safety first!

Can I take a friend, a parent or a child to class with me?

That’s a fantastic idea! Not only are shared yoga classes a wonderful way to deepen friendship and build positive memories. We have a classes that will suit for friends, parents and parent & child. Children, 7-14 years old, are welcome to attend the Parent & Child class.

North Turramurra also has lots of lovely cafes and restaurants which allow for a great day out together. We do ask that all students are registered for insurance purposes and that they pay their fee so that our teachers can get paid also.

Should I tell my teacher if I have any concerns before the class?

Absolutely! Any information is valuable to help your teacher better understand how she can best meet her student’s needs. We are very interested in your experience at the studio being as positive as possible.

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