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Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow is a complete package involving breath, body, and mind and making them work together for better health. Ideal for beginners with advanced levels available for advanced learners.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is all about healing by cleansing the prana (vital energy). It's a no-contact, purifying therapy system cleans the prana to heal ailments and provide solutions for day-to-day problems.

Seniors Yoga

Seniors Yoga

A special package comprising slow and gentle movements aimed to help restore the body back to its normal flexibility
and mobility. A great favourite with
senior citizens.

A special package comprising slow and gentle movements aimed to help restore the body back to its normal flexibility and mobility. A great favourite with senior citizens.


Improves strength
& flexibility

Reduces stress

Boosts immune system

Improves joints health
protects spine

Improves posture
protects spine

Improves concentration
helps focus

Keeps allergies at bay

Enhances peace of mind

Lowers blood pressure


Yoga classes in Gordon
& Norh Turramurra

Yoga classes in Gordon
& Norh Turramurra

Is Yoga for everyone? How is it different from a workout?
At Mystique Moksha we face such questions regularly at our Yoga studios in Gordon and North Turramurra. The answer is simple – whatever age or fitness level you are, there are Yoga exercises just right for you. More than a workout to stretch and strengthen your body, Yoga also helps focus your mind, relax your spirit, and creates a calming experience.

At Mystique Moksha, we offer a variety of yoga classes for beginners, intermediate, advanced, for kids and for older active adults. All classes are run by qualified Yoga teachers. Call us now or just click here to book a class.




In Yoga, the Koshas (also called sheaths or casings) are considered the energetic layers of our body that surround our soul. The physical body composes the outermost layer, while the innermost layer contains your bliss body, or soul. Here is a brief introduction to the 5 Koshas:


The annamaya kosha is the physical sheath that composes the outer layer. It’s sometimes referred to as the food sheath.


The pranamaya kosha is the vital energy, breath, or life force sheath. In Sanskrit, the word “prana” refers to life force and is the word for breath.


The manomaya kosha is contained within the annamaya and pranamaya koshas. It acts as a messenger, bringing experiences and sensations from the outer world into your intuitive body.


The vijnanamaya kosha is the astral or psychic body that’s your seat of intuition. It is also known as the awareness or wisdom sheath.


The anandamaya kosha is referred to as the bliss body. It’s the deepest and subtlest of all layers — so much so that some people even say you can’t use words to describe it. Instead, it must be felt and experienced.

Yoga management software



The Yoga classes at Mystique Moksha are great for our students. But we believe in giving them more! Retreats by Mystique Moksha are extremely popular because they give all of us a chance to get away to an exotic place and soak in the atmosphere while learning more about our body and soul through intensive workshops conducted on location. Our students come back energised and more in tune with their inner self as well the world around.

Sounds like a good idea? Write to us on [email protected] to enquire about our next retreat!

International Day of Yoga

Day of Yoga

Celebrated by Mystique Moksha



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Our Team of Experts

Troy Terzian

“Yoga came into my life after a deep need to reconnect and recenter after working tirelessly overseas in the corporate world. I was hooked from the moment I first stepped onto a mat and after many years of practice, wanting to learn more and be able to share this gift with others, I completed my teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

I personally practice yoga to create a connection between mind, body and breath and my mission as a teacher is to share those benefits with others.”

Through his classes, Troy strives to provide a strong and challenging practice, one that allows students to not only connect within themselves but to also inspire and support each other to be better.

Swatika Suresh

Yoga has been a part of my family and culture for generations. My grandfather did the Surya Namaskaram yoga sequence every day, and that was the secret of his healthy life for over 80 years. After I graduated school my passion for yoga grew. I have been practicing for the past 8 years and did my 500 hour Teacher Training under the lineage of viniyoga at the Yoga Institute, Cammery in 2020.

Personally, my practice has helped me become stronger, more flexible and fearless, both physically and mentally. Yoga is a way of living and has inspired me to live each and every moment with mindfulness. I will always be a student of the practice and am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me.

In my classes, I love to create a safe space where you can thrive by listening and nurturing your body, mind and soul. My hope is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Natasha Nicholas

Coming soon..!

Roopa Gowda

Roopa is a Software Engineer by Karma; a Yoga Practitioner/Teacher by Dharma(duty) in search of life’s Marma(mystery)

She says; Yoga has been part of my life growing up in India. As a child, I was intrigued hearing mysterious stories about yogis. As a teenager, I was attracted to challenging yoga poses. As an adult I was drawn to the benefits of yoga in all areas of my life, my body, mind, relationship with myself and others.

Though she has been practicing and attending yoga courses in all stages of her life, she has been teaching since 2013 after getting certication from Patanjali Yoga Shikshna Samithi, Mysore.India and trianing with International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA), Sydney.

She aspires to inspire the students to practice Yoga by creating balance between flexibility and strength to bring joy & harmony in your body, mind and life.

Shweta Dhawan

Born in India yoga has always been a part of Shweta’s life. She has practiced yoga on and off most of her life, however, as her practice became regular she began to discover the transformative power of yoga for the mind and the body. This was the beginning of a new phase in her life. She found herself completing her Yoga teacher training, so she could share the healing power of yoga with others.

Shweta believes in the holistic benefits of yoga for the mind, body, and soul. In her classes, she uses asanas, the physical postures to release the tension from the muscles in the body. As we release tension from the body, it naturally relaxes the mind. She extends upon this mind-body connection with pranayama and meditation. She believes that yoga is for everyone. Shweta is a great proponent of Viniyoga, a personalised approach that requires tailoring the practice to suit each individual’s needs.

Personally, the greatest value of yoga has been her ability to stay present in all my relationships, starting with myself. We cannot have a great relationship with others, unless we have one with ourselves. Self-love and self-care are paramount to our overall well-being. Shweta is passionate about developing long-term relationships with students, having an aim to meet their goals through a safe and balanced practice. When not teaching, she spends her time studying and practicing yoga, as she will always be a student of yoga.

Margie McCullough

Margie discovered yoga over 15 years ago and found herself returning to it more and more as life’s layers built and corporate desk jobs began taking a toll. After completing her teacher training she is even more an advocate for yoga and its numerous benefits, for body, mind and soul. She teaches a wide range of people in gyms, studios, workplaces and community centres, demonstrating that yoga is for everyone.

Margie’s classes focus on alignment and encouragement for students to explore their own bodies and minds through challenge and curiosity all within a safe environment. Her aim is that after their practice there is strength and lightness to take from their mat back into their lives.

Ellen Do

She was first introduced to the benefits of body movement and Yoga in her late teens through dance classes, though did not strongly invest in herself in it until 2008; it was when she desperately needed ‘something’ to balance the pace and intensity of her corporate life as a head-hunter. Keen to share her passion for yoga with others, she completed her 200-hour Teacher Training and Backcare Therapy Certification with Dr Venky Shivshakti Yoga in Singapore, Yoga Therapy Certification with Yoga Vidya Gurukul in India and Pre/Post-Natal Certification with Bliss Baby, Australia.

Born and raised in Singapore, she has been teaching since 2014 and her style of yoga is a blend of postural alignment, extended hold of poses and fun, flowing transitions. Her classes are light-hearted with a realistic approach. Through the process of having her son, her desire to apply Yoga for women going through pregnancy strengthened and is now one focus she has in practice and teaching. She believes the path of Yoga is fun and exploratory, where a thrill and pleasure is experienced when your purpose is reached in practice!

Ultimately, the aim of yoga should make you happy and healthy – on and off the mat!


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Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India. The word 'yoga' originates from the Sanskrit word Yuj, meaning join, yoke, or unite. Yoga is a method of getting a balanced body and a relaxed mind. It includes the breathing activities called pranayama and the physical act of yoga stances called asanas (yoga poses). Yoga likewise incorporates contemplation, self-examination, and knowledge of yoga philosophy.

Yoga can be highly beneficial for those who practice it regularly since it makes our body flexible, powerful, conditioned, and stable. Yoga energizes the body and improves digestion and breathing as well as strengthens the heart and circulatory system. These are just some of the physical benefits of Yoga. By enabling us to concentrate on our energy and empowers confidence within our body, Yoga techniques can support spiritual growth by teaching us how to maintain a sense of calm in difficult situations and understanding compassion towards other people.  

Many people start with 2-3 classes a week, working towards a daily routine with Yoga. In many cases, you can notice significant differences in your body just after a week of regular yoga practice. If possible, start with two to three sessions a week and work out a plan with your teacher on how to build it into your daily routine.

Numerous individuals practice yoga as an approach to dealing with their health concerns. There are a variety of yoga classes and asanas to address and work with various physical conditions. However, it is always a good idea consult a physiotherapist or yoga trainer to explain your health concerns and see how to best move forward.

Articles on Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the most common type of yoga people do in the western world today. Hatha places special emphasis on slow, measured movements and mindfulness. Generally, the term hatha yoga is used for any type of yoga that combines poses (asanas) with controlled breathing (pranayama). The Yogi usually holds a pause for several breaths.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is an exercise that uses breathing techniques and physical postures to develop a better connection between the mind, body and spirit. The word HATHA itself is made up of 2 words: “HA” meaning sun and “THA” meaning moon. The sun is the positive current in our body and the moon is the negative current. Hatha is the balance between the negative and positive.

5 Yoga Asanas (Poses)

Practised for over 4000 years, yoga is a collection of different slow and fast exercise routines and numerous poses (asanas). In this article, we will focus on 5 well-known yoga poses:

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